Małaszewicze is a locality in the middle part of the eastern border of Poland,
on the historic European East-West trade route. Three most important border crossings for
Belarussia and Russia are located here.

The Russian wide gauge track comes into Małaszewicze, a "dry port" of the Polish National
Railroads [PKP]. All goods brought by rail from Belarussia, Russia and the Far East are
reloaded here. The E-20 railway route from Berlin to Ma3aszewicze/Terespol is now being
modernised. By the year 2000, freight trains will travel on it at 120 km/h and passenger
trains at 160 km/h.

In Koroszczyn a modern terminal for transit road-road traffic has been constructed. The European
highway A-2 will come here at the beginning of the 21st century. This infrastructure, significant
for the Voivodship of Biała Podlaska, is supplemented by the CPN fuel base in Małaszewicze,
the Gaspol fluid gas reloading terminal and the Małaszewicze Meat Processing factory of Polish
Farm Meat.

Terespol has already received an electronic telephone exchange, which provides a fibre optics
connection, meeting the most modern standards. A communal water system, which draws from
Jurassic waters, four sewage treatment plants, clean water and fresh air add to the
attractiveness of the area to new investors who connect their future with trade between
countries of the Union of Independent Nations and the Far East.